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Love Wars
By: Eko Sista (Lagos)
March 18, 2001

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I wonder what the essence of dating somebody (male or female) is if he or she doesn't trust you, or rather there is no trust in the relationship.

I have to share this story with you to illustrate what I mean.

I have this one friend who has been going out with the same bobo for the past three years. Yet, everytime we get together, she complains about the lack of trust in the relationship.

Check this out

She and I had planned to go for the Miss Nigeria grand finale and the show. She dropped a message that she would come to his place after the show. No problem abi? WRONG! This is where the whole agro and wahala began o!

As per naija time now, the show did not start as scheduled and of course it did not end on time either. Infact, the show did not end till 3:30am! My friend had planned to be at her boyfriends place by about midnight.

Anyway, after the show now, she told me was too scared to go his house. She was worried that he would not open the gate for her or worse still, he might beat her.

I could not believe what I was hearing! The same bobo that me sef thought was decent.

So sha, I asked her to come to my place for the night. To my continued amazement, she refused, saying if she didn't go to his place then he would assume she had gone to see another guy.

Yes o, my sister found herself between the proverbial rock and hard place. Damned if she did damned if she didn't.

So I decided to follow her to her boyfriend's house.

On getting to the house he was so mad. He accused her of coming from another guy's place for "round two". Yepa!

I tried to explain to him that the show ended late but he refused to believe me saying he doesn't trust women, THEN WHAT IS HE DOING WITH HIS GIRLFRIND?

I couldn't comprehend the scenerio. This one pass me!

So ladies, if you are having this problem, my advice to you is to dump the guy IMMEDIATELY.

There is no need trying to explain to him or pretend to the world that everything is o.k with your relationship.

If you have been going out with a guy for more than six months and he still doesnt trust you then, for christsake, get a clue! This is NOT love. Because if you love somebody you will trust and cherish that person, you will set them free and if they are yours, they will come back to you.

My sisters, any relationship that is not based on trust is not worth keeping as a relationship. Dump him and move on! There are guys out there who will love and cherish you till death do you part.

Till the next time.....

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