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Women and Sex
Love Wars
By: Eko Sista (Lagos)
April 29, 2001

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What would you do if your man doesn't satisfy you?

Do you walk out on him and start another relationship? Or do you help him by teaching him what you expect from him sex wise? Especially when you know the relationship is leading to marriage.?

I had a field day discussing this topic with my friends, and some of them agreed that they would stay with their boyfriend and because of love they would find a way to deal with the situation.

One of them said she would stay with him as long she is having her kids and there is plenty of money to throw about. I think that is all silly pretence and I don't see why one should stay with a man who doesn't satisfy you.

Others stated firmly that they would move over to the next guy.

Marriage is a long time investment and two things that keeps a marriage going are sex and money.

The most vital of the two, is sex.

If there is no money but the couple's sex life is good then the marriage will survive. If the reverse is the case, I believe that the marriage is doomed.

My advice to any women who is not enjoying sex in her marriage is to be patient because when you are newly married you sex life will be great, but with time it becomes boring and less frequent, not because your husband doesn't love you, but because he has so much on his mind.

He has to think about work, you and the kids, money, and how to make you comfortable. He has so much on his mind that he hardly has time for sex.

Be patient. And you will see that the more things improve, the more your sex life will improve.

To my sisters on the other side of the fence who are working in towards matrimony, I will say exercise a little bit of patience too. Help him, tell him what he's not doing right, tell him what turns you on, if possible buy him books or films (video tapes) and if he still doesn't improve, then forget about him and move ahead.

There is no need staying with a husband you will cheat on as time goes on. Remember , the bible says thou shall not commit adultery.

Anyway, till the next time.....

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