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Men and Sex
Love Wars
By: Eko Sista (Lagos)
May 20, 2001

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What will you do if you find out your girlfriend is sleeping with your father?

Big question you would say.

The other day, I read in the papers that a guy sued his father to court for snatching his wife. I thought to myself, why all this trouble over a woman? Why not just leave them alone? Afterall, there are other women out there.

So I decided to ask the guys in my crew. What would you do if you find out your dad is sleeping with your girlfriend?

Many of them just couldn't imagine it and were like "Ekosisi I beg, please forget about this question jo".

The first one bobo who answered, said he would give her the beating of her life before sending her away. As for his dad, he would not confront him because he is still his father, but he would lose all respect for him.

Another bobo said if the girl was somebody he had intended to marry, then he would tell his family members about it and let them deliberate on the matter. As for the girl, he would tell her to go to die and hell! As for the father, he will wait for a recommendation from the family meeting.

The one bobo said he would leave her for his father and wait to see where the relationship will lead.

The final bobo offered that he would quietly send her away, without letting anybody hear about it, to save both him and his father a lot of embarrassment.

As for me I say, let the girl go and forget about everything. You can always find a better woman out there. As for your dad, you have to find a way to forgive him because he is your father.

Because, unlike finding another woman, you can never get another father.

Anyway, till the next time.....

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