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Love Wars
By: Eko Sista (Lagos)
August 2, 2001

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Graphic:Eko Sista

Every man complains about one particular character women portray often - NAGGING!.

Why do women nag they ask?

I for sure feel that most women nag for one or two reasons. Maybe to protect a man or they want to be in control of the manís life. All the same, they say one manís meat is another manís poison.

Some men can not stand women who nag. They run away from them as quickly as the behaviour is observed. While others believe that if a woman doesnít nag you then she doesnít care for you.

I have friends who nag their boyfriends for almost any reason. I keep telling them that it is wrong that they can never change a man. As the man of the house, he has a right to do whatever pleases him most times without the consent of others (guys I am not saying you should over-step your bounds o).

If a guy goes out and comes back late, welcome him instead of shouting at him. Give him food and water before asking him were he is coming from at that time of the day. You never know, something serious might have warranted him coming home late.

Learn to tread gently. Know when to nag but donít do it always, you might end up pushing him into the hands of another woman.

To the ladies who are not married or not in a serious relationship, always have it at the back of your mind that that most men, being what they are, will always have other women and they always compare notes on every girl.

If you are the one with many faults, you are out of his life.

Always have it at the back of your minds that when you are with your boyfriend, you become different from what you will be required to be in your relationship. We should learn to change and adapt to situations most times. And ladies always remember that the fastest way out of a manís heart is by nagging or trying to teach him what to do. Learn to control your temper and be appropriately submissive and you will win him faster than you ever imagined.

Anyway, till the next time.....

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