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Is It Okay For Ladies to Hang Out? (Girls Night Out)

Love Wars
By: Eko Sista (Lagos)

November 20, 2000

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Why do men always react so strongly and negatively when women plan a night out together without them?

What are they worried about?

Is it, because they use their time out to mess around, chasing girls old enough to be their daughters and getting embarrassingly drunk?

I bet you the last time you told your husband or boyfriend that you were going out with your friends, he had this funny, contorted and scared look on his face. Didn't he?. Almost like he suddenly had to go to the toilet due to a sudden attack of diarrhea.

Good thing you didn't feed him fish stew that day or he may have choked to death on the bones.

Anyway, we ladies know that we hang out simply because we want to have fun together or just to discuss intimately without the men poking their noses in our discussions.

True, some ladies take this opportunity to do crazy things our men will frown at, like dancing a little too seductively, or singing too loud, and talking really, really wild. Some even send clear enough signals to encourage being chased so they can enjoy the thrill of being chased again.

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More often though, we ladies just hang out for the fun of it.

So men, CHILL! No need to feel insecure because our nights out are the only times we ladies have to be together, relax and really feel free.

As usual, socially concerned me (smiles), tried to get some male perspectives on this thought.

Some did not see anything wrong with it. Others couldnít wait to tell me everything that was wrong with it.

One guy told me point blank that he does not allow his girl friend to hang out with other girls because he feels that they go out to look for men. I called him an insecure WIMP!

Another told me that he allows his girl to hang out with her friends because he feels there is a lot of fun and emotional fulfillment derived from hanging out with ones peers. I gave him a HUG! Because, I agree with him.

If men can have so much fun hanging out together why canít women do the same?

CHILL out guys!

ps....the girls are going out this Friday!

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