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AIDS Injection

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    AIDS Injection

    There was a man living in Victoria Island, Lagos.

    A thief came to his house one night and threatened to inject him with blood containing the HIV virus if he didn't drop all the money he collected from the bank the day before.

    The man: Are you going to leave me with the money if I allow you to inject me with the HIV virus?

    The Thief: I will not collect the money and I will leave you.

    On hearing this, he told the thief to give him 5 minutes and he went to the toilet. When he came back from the toilet, he asked the thief to inject him with the HIV virus.

    The thief injected him with the HIV virus and left immediately.

    Immediately the thief left, the wife became hysterical

    The Wife: What the hell did you just do?

    The Man: Don't mind the stupid thief, he doesn't know that I put on a condom the other time I went to the toilet.

    Submitted By Ade Adebesin

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