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Eleven Times

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    Eleven Times

    There was an old woman living all by herself.

    One day as she was getting ready to sleep, two armed robbers forced their way into her home. The woman was really scared but she knew there was nothing she could do since she was all by herself. So she just resigned herself to her fate.

    After the guys had taken all her valuables, they decided to rape her. The leader said he was going to do just 11 rounds and asked the old woman to count.

    The woman was really terrified because she had'nt had any in years but she knew she had no choice so she just opened up for the leader and started to count, one, two, three, four, five, six.........

    By this time 'mama' was in high heavens, she didnt know banging could be so enjoyable,meanwhile our 'stud' continued doing his thing while 'mama' continued, eight, nine, ten..

    One more round to go.

    'Mama' didnt want it to end so she was like ele, ele, ele, ele...

    I no know say eleven dey hard person pronounce reach like that.

    Submitted by Da Guv

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