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Forgive Me Father

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    Forgive Me Father

    A certain guy went to church and wanted to give his life to Jesus Christ.

    He met the pastor and said that he really wanted to give his life to Christ but he couldn't because he had done so many terrible things. Specifically, he had slept with so many ladies in this church that unless he confessed, he didn't feel God would forgive him.

    So the pastor arranged with him that at the next Sunday service, he should sit in the front row and that during offerings, as everyone came up, he could signify which women he had been with by making a shooting sound and also "confess" the number of times with the appropriate number of shots.

    On that Sunday, when the first woman he had been with came up, he sounded 2 shots..... Gbosa!, Gbosa!!.

    He did this to over 50% of the ladies in the church untill he got to the daughter of the pastor. For her, he fired at least ten shots. This terribly disturbed the pastor. He was very upset but let it pass.

    When the pastor's wife stood up, the guy couldn'nt express how many times he had slept with the woman. Not realising that this was the pastors wife, he let out a machine gun like sound.... Greeeeeeeeeee....indicating that it was indeed uncountable .

    The pastor couldn'nt control his feelings anymore and shouted at the man that God will definetly not forgive him!.

Submitted By: Leslie Gold

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