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Rich Corpse

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    Rich Corpse

    An African couple were living together in the bounds of Holy Matrimony. Well, it wasn't so Holy. The Husband liked to take control of everything so the wife had very little breathing space.

    The husbands health began to deteriorate slowly.

    One day he called his wife to his room and said to her "woman, when I die, I want go with my money oh, all the money I have spent the last few years of my life accumulating. Put it all in the coffin.

    So the wife being the good person that she was, kindly agreed.

    The husband soon passed away and the wife made all the preparations for a funeral. On the day of the funeral, and in front of all gathered, she threw a large envelope into the coffin.

    Her friend who was sitting next to her turned and asked her what she was doing.

    When the woman explained the agreement, her friend lashed into her... "you stupid idiot, bitch, idiot upon ignoramus, instead of you to take the money and run like a turkey during Christmas, you sit there like a monkey during a free bannana convention, abeg go relax your head".

    The woman, upset by the violent attack by a good friend, sat there quietly sobbing.

    Then her mother joined in to give a piece of her mind.

    The woman, quietly fumming, turned to both her mother and the friend and replied "I wrote him a check!".

Submitted By: ternif964

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