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    Quick Business

    A Fulani man had a quarell with an Ibo man and was slapped by the Ibo man.

    He collected his stick (shepherd stick) to take vengeance, but was advised against it and encouraged to take the matter to court where he will be paid some money (compensation).

    The Fulani man promptly registered his case at a local court and during the court proceeding the judge adviced him to go for an out of court settlement.

    The Fulani man politely enquired about who was to pay him the money?

    The judge sensed he meant compensation, ruled on the case and awarded ten naira as compensation. He now told him to come the next day (Tuesday) to receive his money. The whole idea was to frustrate the Fulani man into forgetting about the money.

    He came on Tuesday as instructed and was told to come back on Wednesday. On Wednesday - come on Thursday. On Thursday, - come on Friday.

    Friday came (he now expected to be told to come back next week). When the judge now said come next week Tuesday, he approached the judge as if to tell him something and slapped him in the face saying, "if the other man bring the ten naira collect am!"

    Submitted By: Sosthenes Ayuba

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