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Great Sex!

April 22, 2001

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60% of women all over the world have never had an orgasm.

If a poll was done in Nigeria the figure will be more like 90%.

Why? it's not genetic and certainly not feminine. Anyone can have orgasms it just takes a little more time and special attention to extremely delicate and sensitive areas to get the juices flowing.

On the other hand most men have never had great sex.

The few who have, are easily spotted even from miles away. They'll tell you they are not really interested, because sex for them takes a huge amount of energy and effort. For them the woman has got to be intellectually very stimulating and most importantly they have to be able to build a strong friendship and trust with her.

Great sex is the stuff fantasies are made of. Steamy, wild, even dangerous, adventurous, erotic and madly exciting. The kind that turns your inside to mush. The kind of sex that makes you wet just remembering the passion.

A woman who's having or getting great sex can also be spotted miles away. She's extremely confident and daring. Men find her incredibly sexy and attractive. It's like a secret antenna that send signals and erotic messages to the opposite sex.

The first place she'll look in a man is the "V" in his trousers. Her eyes have a glow and a mischievious twinkle. The only turn off or halt sign is that all her excitement is centered around just one man. He is the centre of her universe and their initimacy is expressed by the electricity they generate whenever they are within range of each other.

For the man, it is a relief to finally find someone who understands their every need. A woman for whom there are no boundaries. Contrary to popular belief, sex with the same partner does not become boring after a long period, rather it becomes challenging.

When a man has a great sex, it can only be with a partner whom he trusts very much. He knows he has no point to prove to her. So, he concentrates on giving and receiving pleasure, in satisfying the need of one another i.e. the man gets more turned on when he drives his lover crazy with, fingers, tongue or even manhood. The woman goes into orbit when she drives her mad, wild with massages, kisses etc.

The man who has great sex is easily known for many reasons.

  1. Women never keep their mouth shut and will pass the news to the girls.
  2. He is not a skirt chaser, which makes him even more attractive to women.
  3. He has the invisible antenna which puts most women at alert.
  4. With just a look he would defrost an ice maiden, his movements are simple and very sexy.
  5. He is very relaxed even when he chases. He lets you know just how lucky you are to be in his hemisphere.
  6. He treats women with care and makes you feel like a princess and he your prince charming.

So how does one have great sex?

It all has to do with chemistry, animal magnetism or better still passion. You have to be attracted to one another.

There are some men and women who see themselves as totally unsuited or like siblings even though they are not related. While there are others who wants to tear each others clothes off at the first glance.

Chemistry has not been fully explained by moden science, No one knows exactly what triggers it off.

It could be a nice suit, a wet tee shirt, dripping sweat, tight trousers, long legs, "full kiss me lips". It could be anything.

The most acceptable explanation is given by Psycholanalysts, it is all in the mind.

The same goofy looking choirboy could ooze animal magnetism anytime. It depends on not only who's looking but their frame of mind.

The greatest aphrodisiac is also the cheapest; the mind. It simply depends on who's tuning it. It simply needs to be set free of all pre-conceived notions and ideas.

The only rule in the achievement of the ultimate sexual satisfaction is freedom.


  • no Boundaries
  • no Rules
  • no Limits

The most important contribution either party can bring is their "attitude".

Except for people who grew up on mars, and were brought up by little green men with pig ears, we all have firm ideas in our minds about what sex should be like.

Depending on what generation, sex is either touted as a taboo, to be kept strictly behind closed doors and under the sheets as a form of rebellion.

Against what? you may ask!.

The human mind has concocted many reasons why sex is a useful tool for rebellion even punishment. Our attitude is dictated by our pre-conceived notions, ideas planted in our minds when we were kids. When the word penis and vagina could only be whispered and made us feel quite grown up.

It is perhaps safe to say the world is slowly coming out of the closet.

The sexual revolution: a rebellion: there is nothing rebellious about sex.

Our very existence suggests that sex has to be not only the first major accomplishment of men but also the most enjoyable and best. What else would two naked people in a lovely garden get up to.

Most children grew up with their parents or elders warning them about sex. A child who showed too much interest or curiousity about sex is often not popular with parents. A child could be punished or even segregated from other children as a bad influence if they are too inquisitive about their sexual organs or worse still, that of the opposite sex.

To cut a long story short, sex could best be explained as "Forbidden" either as a topic or an activity, meant only for the heathens and generally wicked people. As a result, a kid's idea of a nightmare is seeing his or her parents make love. It feels like a betrayal or an act endured only for procreation's sake. The child's point of view is made up of distortion and twisted information meant to preserve moral integrity and chastity.

It was practised years back, to totally keep children in the dark about the "Birds and the Bees" till they are old enough to know and discover for themselves. Untimely deaths caused by unsupervised abortions, the unabated epidemic of STDs have proved beyond doubt the failure of this technique.

The job of sex education is not very comfortable for parents who do their best to soften and shade the nature of sex, instead of highlighting it's pitfalls. Most parents will discuss sex clinically for as little time as possible, but will pay the extra attention to the unpleasantness of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Sex in the end becomes a forbidden apple that is both exciting and adventurous.

Kids as young as thirteen are having sex worldwide and nothing seems to be stopping them. They hardly derive pleasure from it, but it remains the ultimate tool for rebellion. The fastest way to feel grown up. They all seem to be experiencing the same thing and peer presure makes it worse.

All the forbidden things become even more attractive. Their hormones are running riot anyway. It is against this background that most of us develop sexually.

Frigidity and sex addiction actually find their roots in childhood experiences. Most people develop their feelings for the opposite sex quite early in life. The daughters of an abusive father are not likely to trust men wholeheartedly likewise the sons are not able to treat women with any respect.

In a background of mistrust, sex is a chore. At times painful and humilating for the women, while for the men a quick release of tension in a few minutes of gratifiation.

For some men, a woman who enjoys sex is morally bankrupt and cannot be trusted. Most men actually feel safer dating and marrying sexually retarded women to prevent adultery.

Virgins carry a high price for this reason, because they have nothing to compare with. To them bad sex is okay because they've never had a good sex.

What most people fail to realize is that chemistry is no respecter of class or background, a husband who does not satisfy his wife should not feel insulted if the gardener or driver helps him out, likewise a woman can be relieved of her duties by the dirty housemaid.

Chemistry has got nothing to do with common sense.

In the heat of the moment a lot of things happen. Most men will tell you that they were not aware of signing cheques for large amounts when aroused.

The art of seduction is not about logic, rather it is about eliminating it. It is the core of our being. The continuation of the human race depends on it. Procreation is the most basic function of all living things. If we accept this basic fact, a lot of problems will be eliminated.

Instead of using sex as a release of tension and pent-up emotions, we should see it as a characteristic that cannot be eliminated or pushed under the table. We breathe, we eat, we have sex. Just like we would not eat rotten food or breathe unclean air, we should not have bad sex.

Our judgment is also another important factor that should not be ignored. While we are passionate individuals, we should be able to exercise control. Anybody can have sex, anyone can masturbate, dogs do it, so do chickens. Do you feel fulfilled after or do you want to wash off the dirty feeling inmmediately?.

Can you honestly say you like and respect the person you just made love to?

Control is acquired over time, it needs to be practised and fine tuned. Youthful exuberance can be very expensive in an environment saturated with all forms of sexually transmitted diseases and Lawsuits. Control makes it possible to achieve self discipline. Control can keep self pleasure in check and ensure the satisfaction of partners.

A man that is able to control himself can delay orgasm and concenterate on giving pleasure.

The nature of human beings is centered around sex. A man wants money to buy cars, clothes to attract women. The ultimate goal is to make himself more attractive to the opposite sex.

A woman spends her money on making herself attractive for the same reason. Sex can therefore permeate all aspects of life as we know it.

There are many kinds of sex and even types. The most important things is to keep an open mind, exercise control before exploring chemistry and take it from there.

To be continued.....

Please note we do not advocate promiscuity in any form.

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