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T R A V E L L I N G  I N   N I G E R I A

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Road Conditions

Roads in Nigeria are generally in poor condition, causing damage to vehicles and contributing to hazardous traffic conditions.
Excessive speed, unpredictable driving habits, and the lack of basic maintenance and safety equipment on many vehicles are additional hazards. There are few traffic lights or stop signs. Motorists seldom yield the right-of-way and give little consideration to pedestrians and cyclists.
Gridlock is common in urban areas especially in the city of Lagos known for its "go-slow".

The rainy season from May to October is especially dangerous because of flooded roads.

Night driving should be avoided for several reasons. Bandits and police roadblocks are more numerous at night. Streets are very poorly lit and many vehicles are missing one or both headlights. Chronic fuel shortages have led to long lines at service stations which have disrupted or even blocked traffic for extended periods.

Public Transportation

Public transportation vehicles are both unsafe and overcrowded.
There have been reported incidents of passengers in local taxis being driven to secluded locations where they are attacked and robbed. Public transportation should be avoided, if possible.

Where to Stay

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Air Travel

Several International Airlines travel to Nigeria, and there are some direct flights to Nigeria from the US.

Airlines in Nigeria have aging fleets and limited technical capabilities and face serious financial difficulties. There are concerns that the maintenance and operational procedures of the local airlines may be inadequate to ensure passenger safety.

Some multinational corporations maintain contracts with private air charter companies as an alternative to having their employees use Nigerian airlines.
Delays or flight cancellations on domestic airlines are very common as well.

Photography Restrictions

Permission is required to take photographs of government buildings, airports, bridges or official-looking buildings. Permission may be obtained from Nigerian security personnel.

Click Here For Info on Travelling To Nigeria

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